My Labor Room Experience!

Charley! Big ups to all our mothers and the women out there. For me, they are the real heroes. They make a big difference in our lives. I have come to really appreciate my mum the more, all mothers and women the more after I had my first labor room experience.

It was a bright Monday morning, the rains in Amasaman decided not to fall. Yet the weather was a little bit chilly. I arrived at work poised for the day’s challenge; full of hope and expectations as always.

Well, the challenges the day brought was not what I was expecting. I am to sit in for a headmistress who’s about to take her maternity leave for the next three months. So, we planned to go through some form of orientation where she teaches me what I need to know and handover to me before she leaves that morning.

We were about 30 minutes into the orientation and handing over process when she started having labor pains. All of a sudden, her water broke. I was kinda of confused and scared, I didn’t really know what to do to help her. Gracious me! Her sister was around and she helped her while I quickly went out to get a taxi to take her to the hospital.

Before we could get her into the taxi, she gave birth right in the office. Now, I was getting more confused and scared. Thank God, a nurse came around, she happened to be a parent of one of the children in the school. She helped her clean the baby and proceeded to take her to the hospital.

Yeah, so that was my labor room experience. You can call me paranoid, but I don’t think I would want to experience that again. For me that was too scary. Well, mother and baby are doing fine at the time of writing.

Dear future wife, wherever you are, I think we will do just fine with four kids, instead of the “twenty three man” football team I have being planning all alone.

Happy New Month, I pray it will be the best so far in the year. Live your dreams, and inspire the world!

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6 thoughts on “My Labor Room Experience!

  1. Thanks. Yeah, very nervy but nice experience too.


  2. Thanks chief, but pls 4 is ok 😉


  3. Hello Senyo, the experience must have been nerve-wracking for you. I can relate somewhat. In my case it was my wife, in an actual labour room. I have had a double dose of the experience.

    You never get used to it though. I always come away from it awed, and with a deep respect for women.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Hahahahaha, you better reduce it to two!
    Nice write up and keep it up.
    It’s worth sharing too.

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  5. Haha , twenty three . For your future i can’t wait to see her

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have reduced it to four. 😜


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