My guest blogger for today is Romeo Effah-Agyemang. Romeo is a student of the University of Ghana and he loves everything arts; singing, dancing, drawing, sketching, editting etc. It is a peom to his crush, inspired by a movie.

Dear Crush,

Love at first sight
I believed in no such thing…
Then came along you, who changed everything
Damn these eyes of mine for catching a glimpse of you
I had to look twice just to be sure I was seeing right
I liked what I saw and could not stop staring
You captivated my heart without any conscious effort
I got to know you; you were everything I ever wanted
You were my world, but to you, I was just an acquaintance, maybe nothing at all
I loved you in secrecy… hoping that one day you’d notice and love me back
That day kept long in coming
I got restless and without thinking twice, I told you how I felt
Things got weird between us; things changed
And now I live each day wondering… What if???
What if I had done things differently???
What if I had kept my mouth shut …???
What if I had held on to these feelings for just a little while longer???
Would things still be the same???
Would you still be here with me, even if I was just an acquaintance to you???

Click here for more inspiring contents from Romeo on his Youtube channel.

Follow Romeo on Social Media:

Twitter: SuaveGigante

IG: SuaveGigante

Facebook: Romeo Effah-Agyemang

Youtube: SuaveGigante

Live Your Dreams, and Inspire The World.

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1 thought on “GUEST POST: CRUSHED

  1. Romeo Effah-Agyemang 17/08/2020 — 2:07 am

    amazing…thanks for the feature


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