Halloo dreams chasers! Today I want us to do a lesson on prayer. Praying has not always been a fun activity for me. Not that I don’t prayer, I do pray, but not until recently, praying seemed like a herculean task for me. Prayer meetings and prayer times, were times I dreaded the most.Why? Because of so many reasons:

  • I didn’t know how to pray effectively.
  • I couldn’t pray for long hours.
  • I couldn’t pray in tongues.
  • I didn’t know the right words to use or have the eloquence to impress and convince God.
  • I couldn’t perform or do the gymnastics others did as they prayed.
  • And so many other reasons.

For as long as I can remember, my idea, knowledge and perception about prayer was only from how I saw others do it. And am pretty sure many other Christians find themselves in this kind of web too?But then, just like Jesus’ disciples, I learnt how to pray effectively. Oh! Yes. (We must learn to pray effectively). Ha! This knowledge changed my whole perception about prayer and also helped empower and transformed my life. I now enjoy my prayer times more than ever. Like me, you too can learn how to pray more effectively and enjoy your prayer times as well. Whether in private or corporately, your prayer times can be refreshing and enjoyable.Click this link to read more 👉

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